Use Your Home Equity To Build Wealth

Let me help you to Create, Grow and Leverage Home Equity, so you can live a better life financially.

What I do

It's ALL about Home Equity

My primary goal is to help you to live a better life financially, by using your home equity to build wealth. It doesn't have to be equity in the home you live in; it could also be equity in any other real estate that you own.

I Want To Buy A House

Create home equity when you buy your first home, your 2nd home or even an investment property. Start now...

I Want To Sell A House

You convert your home equity to cash when you sell. Find out how to get the most for your house...

I Want To Refinance

Refinancing is a great way to leverage your home equity, but is refinancing right for you? Find out...

WhY I do IT

Your net worth is mostly Home Equity

Data collected and reported by the Federal Reserve in their Survey of Consumer Finances, show that for most working Americans the bulk of their wealth is actually the equity in their home.  

People who own a home are usually wealthier than those who don't. I think this is the main reason to own a home.

HOW I do it

I’ve got the tools

Being a Realtor and a Mortgage Loan Officer are two of the tools I have to help you to build wealth by using home equity. Whether you want to create home equity by buying your first home.

Or if you want to grow home equity by improving your home and paying your mortgage.

You may even want to leverage your home equity by using it to purchase a rental property and create even more home equity. I have the tools to help you.

How much do you know about Home Equity?

So how much home equity do you have? How much do you want? What is your plan to get it? How do you get more? What should you do with the equity you have now?

Find out where you stand now and what you should do next by taking the quiz...

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